Roygbiv Live @ Tree Of Life 2019, Kautzen Austria

Here the fist 3 hours of my set in Kautzen for Tree Of Life 2019. This will remain a bautiful memory, a place in time, a moment in space.

Syn- Re-sources

This is the latest work I did with my friend Stereo in our duo project Syn-.

In this project we’ve recorded sounds from the four primal elements air, fire, earth and water as a source for producing music.

Serene EP

Here is my first EP Serene.
You can download it from MACO‘s bandcamp or major music platforms.

Dream On

This track is released by Moonklift records as a collaboration with my friend Davide James.



Directly taken sounds caused by the movements of primal sources, have been cut out of their normal contest, resampled, reconstructed and rebuilt. Re-sources is a remake of the readymade.
A wide sound palette is used for the interpretation of four primal elements: air, fire, earth and water.
Re-sources explores the appropriation of everyday noises as a natural resource for composing music.

The debut album of Syn- “Re-sources” was created by the two friends and music lovers RoyGBiv and St.Stereo

In those four videos our friend Die Triangle is giving his visual interpretation of Syn-‘s debut work:



roygbiv it’s an electronic music project which started in 2013. Choosing a name describing the music wasn’t easy. But since music means the infinite shades of sounds to me ROYGBIV is perfectly fitting to it.

once I started to plug my guitar into a computer I found out there were unlimited possibilities to generate sounds. I went to the conservatory to study sound design and to understand music rules in order to break them thru experimentation. I got in contact with classic music as well as ethnomusicology and electronic composers of the last century.

years before I was studying programming. Today I’m exploiting that knowledge to create my own tools to compose and generate music. I believe that music and math are strongly related so it’s having a big influence on my work. I’m fascinated by algorithms. They’re like planting a seed and letting it grow to see what can happen.

great sounds, surrounding us every day, are what I am inspired by. The beauty of field recordings from a forest or ethnic sounds are getting mixed with artificial noises from the cities. The acoustic sounds are getting treated like electronic ones and synthetic sounds dropped in real places getting physical.

by generating my music I am researching sounds from all over the world. I am preferring smooth harmonies and tiny percussive element to draw the melodies and arrange them together in a dialogue.

i decided to leave Italy and going for Berlin to get inspired by the unbelievable amount of electronic music.

visuals have always been a great add-on to music. I love the colours of nature and blend them into stuttering pictures dancing to music. To do that I have created a software that synchronises them with the music during my live-sets. You are welcome to listen and experience my music!


You can say hi invite me to play and connect here: