Roygbiv x LnX – Live @ ://About Blank 04.12.22

Roygbiv x LnX – Cast #1

Roygbiv + Tjoma x Amatori – Live from Immanuelkirche 2K22

Roygbiv Live @ Tree Of Life 2019, Kautzen Austria

Live set for Tree Of Life 2019.

This will remain a beautiful memory, a place in time, a moment in space.



AMA001 – Amatori – Die Insel 12″ Vinyl EP

DIE INSEL is the first released project from AMATORI. AMA001 is a various track 12โ€ ep. This 5 people collaboration invites us to a sound trip to an island. Not just land that is surrounded by water, Not just a travel to an unexplored exotic island, DIE INSEL invites to a magical journey to our inner world, a world without history, limits or fears. DIE INSEL explores our inner sound in its purest form, and proposes a way back to our origins: THE TRIBE.


Syn- Re-sources

Re-sources is a concept work I did with friend Stereo in our duo project Syn-.

In this project, we’ve recorded sounds from the four primal elements air, fire, earth and water as a source for producing music.


Serene EP

Serene contains some of my early works in electronic music.


It’s about music. Music and the arts surrounding it.

I’m fascinated by the power of an immersive experience where reality fades to leave space to the bliss of that moment when I stop thinking and can connect to the present.

A place in time, a moment in space.


Sirio is an audio-visual project born when Simone Andolfato (live electronics) and Dario Jurilli (live violin and processing) met in the Berlin underground scene.

The duo explores electronic music in the form of live sets, letting themselves and the audience get surprised by unpredictable but controlled soundscapes.
With influences from Downtempo to IDM, they mix elements ranging from organic field recordings and electro-acoustic instruments to synthesized analog/digital sounds, blended together by granular synthesis and spacious reverberating spaces.

Live recordings